The Process

Trees are marked that are ready to be harvested.
They are then prepared and cut down. The cut
timber is pulled into the open work area.

The logs are lined up and cut into the most
beneficial lengths. Logs are loaded onto
the semi trailers.

With the loading complete, the truck driver will
haul the logs to the mill where the journey from
log to lumber will begin.

The logs are loaded onto the debarker.
The debarker removes all of the bark and the log
travels to the head saw.

The log is sized into a large cant.
The band resaw cuts the cant
into quality lumber.

The double end trimmer trims each board. The
lumber is stacked and prepared to be put into the kilns
where it is dried to the desired moisture content.

After kiln drying, the lumber is measured and
graded according to the standards of the National
Hardwood Lumber Association.

Nothing goes to waste. The bark mulch is sold for
landscaping, and sawdust is sold for bedding and
is used to fire the boiler that runs the kilns.

The semi trailers are loaded with quality kiln dried
lumber to be shipped to our many customers who
will produce hardwood furniture, flooring, cabinets.

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